Creator Credits

This is a list of sims or graphics-related resources I commonly use.  It is a work in progress because I don't remember where half of my stuff comes from.  Sorry if I've missed anyone.

Sims Content:

Current Defaults:

  • Skintone: mine

  • Eyes: Lively Eyes by Shady (MTS

Previous Defaults:


  • Skintone: Asian skins by 234jiao (blog, also available on MTS)

  • Eyes: Well Thought Out Twinkles by aikea_guinea (website, also available on MTS)
    Eyes:Glittering Blackness by amvalvo (blog, also available on MTS)
    Eyes: You're Staring at my Soul Blackness by Cuttthroat Dollie ( GoS)


Grunge brushes: 1, 2, ?++