Taped Nerd Glasses

Glasses have 4 different options:

  • no tape
  • tape in the middle
  • tape on the sides
  • tape in the middle and the sides

All options appear in the same row
3 Recolorable Areas

More Images:





How do we get this put on the sims? This is really stupid of me, i know. but it's not converted into the sims diamond thingy (i'm not to good with computers) so if i could get some help, that would be great. Thanks, c: yeah, email me with the answers. and maybe more. :d we could be friends. :D

-Vanilla Villan !Apocalypse!


Refer to the FAQ

Refer to the FAQ here:

Some of the details might change depending on whether or not you have World Adventures or other expansion packs installed. You should check the tutorials on http://www.modthesims.info for complete details.

I have edited out your email address to prevent you from getting spammed. Good luck :)

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So much love for your CC~~~<3

I've downloaded several things from your site today. XD;;; I'm commenting now to tell you how much I love them.<333 (since it was a downloading spree, I had tunnel vision DDD:)

Especially this. So much love.

Can I take that adorable sim on the left home? ;A; \wishingreallyhard\

Yessssssss, perfect for my

Yessssssss, perfect for my simself. I have a pair of these in real life and they go great with one of my outfits. Thanks a bunch! :D


I love all ur items..i too have been on a downloading spree...ur stuff is so quirky and fun!! Keep up the good work!

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oh, nothing much

do you have these round? i'm kinda hoping to make a Harry Potter in the Sims 3 and those would help.

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