Technical FAQ

 Q. How do I install .packages into The Sims 3?

Go read this tutorial at MTS:


Q. I'm getting a page of crazy code jargon when I try to download your tattoos. Help!

Likely, what's happening is your internet browser is trying to open up the .rar file. When you download, right click and select "Save" instead. In order to extract the files you'll need to download WinRar (free).


Q. I don't like the accessory category your tattoo/whatever is in. How can I change it? 

Download Delphy's CTU from MTS.  Use that program to open the tattoo/whatever package you want to alter. Click the "Part Category" tab and look at the field called "CAS Part Type." Check the box for the Accessory type you'd like. Hit Commit. Save.


Q.  Do you do requests?

In general, no.  However, I'm open to new ideas, and if you have an idea that I really like, then I might end up making it.